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five years ago I submitted a series of comic strips to deviantart which originally ran under the name a bike in reference to an early pink floyd song but later switched to city of glass as an homage to a beatles song a popular saying about glass houses and a famous collectible card from a fantasy themed game

stylistically these tended toward a brand of disjointed surrealism meant to evoke heavy intoxication and also echo my biggest artistic influences at the time which were chris onstad's achewood david firth's salad fingers and the band acid bath as well as the posting style on the something awful forums which were a regular haunt of mine involving a conspicuous lack of capitalization punctuation and complete sentences using only italics for emphasis

these comics had a running theme of hard drug use which was somewhat grounded in personal experience but I admit that several exaggerations were made namely that I used drugs far less often than the comics implied and I directly stated that I was a user of heroin which was in fact a lie made in the interest of furthering the drug humor of the comics and that is why the jokes about heroin were far less specific than the jokes about other drugs and generally boiled down to ha ha the characters sure take a lot of drugs

in short I deceived the internet which is the greatest crime of all and for that I am truly sorry


as I look back at the strips now I notice that despite the relative simplicity of the humor and the distorted-collage art style I do have some output to be proud of in terms of comedic timing and stylistic decisions that served the intended atmosphere well

I also notice that deviantart has taken to listing similar works which disproportionately involve talking ponies based on a certain television series which I have seen an episode of and observed that it is one oppressively boring and two clearly aimed at prepubescent girls

so listen up internet I am wise to your shit

while I may look back at those comics and think of things I could have done differently in the final analysis the comics were perfectly good at being what I wanted them to be which was a stab at conventional styles and attitudes toward what a webcomic could or should be and how most of them were simply piss poor newspaper style comics that could never make it in syndication but had no ambition whatsoever toward using the lack of editorial oversight proactively to do something interesting for a change

in fact most of them would benefit immensely from an editor's attention because they are trying to do the blandest most conventional thing possible from aping other more successful comics to putting other people's characters into situations that their original authors are too skilled as writers to put them in like trying to make some kind of gritty serious comic book serial out of a childrens show about talking ponies

it was a story that needed to be told about people who are my betters in terms of technique in visual media squandering their talents on cookie cutter insipid crap and maybe it's not a pretty song but looking back I'm pretty sure I stayed on key from first bar to last

and the reason I'm bothering to talk about it now that it's all said and done is this internet still needs that story told

you there with the wacom just itching to draw some fanart of your favorite cartoon

you have become a slave to the standards and practices of corporate art

you just starting out with the latest version of photoshop and a song in your heart you're desperately trying to cram into three to six panels

throw out the template and make culture your own

that doesn't mean I think art is any dog shit scribble that gets posted to a website nor does it mean I think everything remotely mainstream is artistically bankrupt

what it does mean is that art comes from a creative spark and if you're cut out at all to be an artist you don't need me to tell you to obey nobody's rules but your own because at this point you're like what the hell does this guy know he just draws cartoons about spider dog things dropping acid I mean was that seriously the most original thing he could come up with


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Jim the Stupendous
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I am a student at (a university) majoring in Computer Science and minoring in English. I used to use this site a long time ago and everything I have uploaded is very old. When I grow up I want to be an AI researcher.

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